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Hi I’m Anja Lill and I am behind ‘The 200 Year Project’! If you want to find out more about me and my zero waste, vegan journey then you’ve come to the right place – start scrolling down! BUT if you want to find out more about what The 200 Year Project even is, head over to this page.

My Vegan, Zero Waste Journey

In 2013 I met my sister’s husband for the first time and asked her “I understand vegetarians, but I don’t understand vegans. Why not eat egg or milks? It doesn’t kill the animals so what is the deal?” She then shared a video with my called “101 Reasons to Go Vegan” and “From Farm to Plate”. I watched both those videos that night and could not believe how completely ignorant I was to all of these topics!

For instance embarrassingly I HAD NO IDEA that a cow had to be pregnant to give milk! That just blew my mind. For some reason I thought they just give milk like chickens give eggs. And I had been on an austrian farm many summers helping out with cows, so I felt like the world had lied to me.

I went vegan that night and never looked back. Since then I have tried many vegan food items and products and since I work in the film industry, I have worked with renowned well known vegans such as JAMES CAMERON on the Avatar Sequels. His wife SUZY CAMERON even featured my website in her new book “One Meal A Day”. I have also worked with filmmaker SHAUN MONSON (director or “Earthlings”) and JOAQUIN PHOENIX – check out our spot to raise awareness for the rainforest below.

I did not start my Zero Waste journey until about 2016. My friend had told me about this great youtube video where a person collects all their trash in a tiny jar! WHAT? That is possible? I was intrigued!

So one evening I started googling it and was fascinated! And it all seemed to make click! I had always cared about recycling and not wasting products and paper and it was innately in me to want to do the right thing when it came to waste. So it just seemed so natural!

I then started slowly implementing zero waste swaps and getting rid of everything that was plastic and reducing single use plastic containers as well as reducing waste in general. I am still on that journey and share a lot of tips and tricks I have learned along the way on my instagram account @zerowasteveganlife as well as here on this website!

I would love to connect with you on here or over on instagram!

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