Affiliate Disclaimer

We believe transparency is key to earning and maintaining your trust, so we want to make sure you are aware of any affiliate programs we are a part of.

First and foremost we never recommend any products we personally don’t believe in or stand behind. We research intensely to find you the best zero waste AND vegan (cruelty-free) products so that you don’t have to go scouring the internet.

Not all products we recommend are an affiliate link. If we truly believe in a product, we will recommend it based on it’s quality, not whether we can make money from it or not. You the reader are the most important part.

Some links are connected to our affiliate programs and the company pays us a commission if you purchase from them. It does not change the price you pay.

We are a member of the Awin Network for Etsy, EarthHero, Eco Roots and Amazon. As best we can we will only recommend companies that have zero waste or plastic free packaging. Sometimes that is not always possible but we weight the reward vs the waste to see if it will reduce the waste in the long term.

In no way does any affiliate relationship ever factor into a recommendation, or alter the integrity of the information we provide.

Please note that we have not been given any free products, services, or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning them on the site.  The only consideration is in the form of affiliate commissions.

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